Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The CMA Awards and Comments From the Peanut Gallery

I love awards shows. One of my favorites is the CMA Awards.
As it's tonight and I'm watching live, I bring you my random thoughts....
  • I hate "Forever and Always".... in fact, it's one of the two that I skip on Taylor's 'Fearless' album. I don't care if it's about Joe Jonas, she could have picked a better song.

  • Carrie has such a pretty voice.

  • YAY!!! I love Lady Antebellum! I'm glad they won for 'Single of the Year'

  • Kellie Pickler is working the red hair.

  • How is "In Color" still eligible? Jamey Johnson sang it at the Music Ranch almost two years ago and James Otto sang a year ago there. Seriously, what's the date range for these awards?

  • Good job Miranda... I really like "White Liar"

  • "Welcome to the Future" has really grown on me, Brad.

  • I don't like the title off of George Strait's latest album........ There. I said it.

  • I love Lady Antebellum (again).

  • YAY!!!! VOCAL GROUP OF THE YEAR!!!!.... I was sure Rascal Flatts would grab it again. I love Lady A (note: this is separate from the one right above... they were previously performing... then, they won, lol)

  • Carrie is wearing significantly less clothing than last year (remember that dress that took over the whole stage?).... This is another song that's growing on me, though. Her new album rocks, BTW.

  • Um.... tan much, Wynonna?

  • Awww.... I like Darius Rucker. SUPER nice guy.

  • CHRIS DAUGHTRY!!!!!!! I heart him!

  • (Looking for a picture of the dress) I LOVE that dress on Carrie.... and, the spoof of the Kanye interruption is cute. Gotta love Little Jimmy Dickens.

  • I also heart Keith Urban. "Til Summer Comes Around" is his new single. I like it, while others at our station don't, lol.

  • Jennifer Nettles looks really pretty, tonight. She has an awesome voice, too.

  • A week from right now, Randy Houser will be gracing our presence, in person.

  • How freaking cute is that little boy from the "Boots On" video?

  • I agree with the 'Album of the Year'..... I have all of the nominated albums and 'Fearless' is the one I listen to the most.

  • I'm sad that Brooks and Dunn are breaking up.

  • Jamey Johnson..... Please stop smoking pot and drinking, all the time. I sat next to you a little under two years ago and you were so healthy. Something has gone wrong since then.

  • Julianne.... not so great. Stick with the blonde-blonde.

  • How in the HELL are Big and Rich nominated?

  • I'm glad Sugarland won.... they actually do the most, right now.

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Taylor's performance of 'Fifteen'.... It's such an important song. Plus, the fans singing with her. That has to be the coolest feeling.

  • Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley are so cute.

  • I'm not really a tractor girl, but Jason Aldean makes me want to go find one.

  • Reba Rocks

  • "I'd like to thank everyone in this room.... for not running up on stage during this speech."..... cute. I will say this... I love Taylor. I truly, truly do. But, I don't agree with that one.

  • I'm on the fence about Taylor winning 'Entertainer of the Year.' If we're talking about overall entertainment, then maybe. But, usually, it's considered to be concert-wise..... and in that case, no one puts on a concert like Kenny. That was a super touching moment, though.

  • Man, that was long, lol.


PaigeR530 said...

I'm not a huge fan of Forever and Always-BUT on her Platinum Edition, she made it a piano version, and I love that song so much better that way.

LOVE Kellie Pickler's new hair! And Wynonna cracked me up being SO tan! She looks like an Oompa Loompa!

Jess said...

I have the Platinum Edition, but haven't listened to it, yet (still have Carrie's new one in my player, lol). I'll have to check it out!

OOMPA LOOMPA!!!!!!!! That's exactly what it was like, lol!!