Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blog Everyday: Guilty Pleasures


July 2nd: Guilty Pleasures - You know all those things that you really love but maybe don't want to admit that you really love.

I usually admit most of these, but I still feel somewhat guilty about enjoying them, lol....

.... fruit snacks. I love them. Especially the WalMart smiley faces.

... those Otter Pops. I can down some Otter Pops.

.... 'The Bachelor/ette'. It's complete trash, but I love it.

... walking barefoot. I really prefer to wear no shoes at all and kick off my kicks as soon as I walk into my house. I've been known to walk all over my office barefoot. If it were sociably acceptable, I'd probably walk in other public places, sans footwear.

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can think of, at the moment.


K @ Keeping Up With K... said...

The problem with fruit snacks is that you get about 5 of those teeny tiny little things in one package, so I usually just end up eating the whole box. Which is why I don't buy fruit snacks anymore haha

Nessaa E. said...

I actually like to watch the Bachelor/ette even tho no one watches it and its pretty much the same thing all the time! and I love to walk barefooted aha, it is actually so relaxing!


Martha Woods said...

I love running around barefoot! So much more comfortable than wearing shoes.

allieology said...

Tell me all of your thoughts on The Bachelorette this season! Who is your favorite? Who is she gonna pick??