Thursday, July 10, 2014

Blog Everyday: Summertime


 July 10th: Favorite Things to do in the Summer -Want to write a bucket list? Want to share your favorite summer activities? Today, we are celebrating summer.

Since summer lasts for about 8 months and it's as hot as the surface of the sun in Florida, I sometimes have a difficult time appreciating it. However, there is something a little great about those June/July/August months....

Watermelon is the greatest during the summer. I'm pretty sure I could eat an entire one all by myself.

Big Brother - I'm obsessed with this show and it is seriously a highlight of every summer.


Another show that I'm obsessed with and get happy that it's summer.


Concerts!!! I love concerts and the summer months tend to be our concert season.


Hanging out by the pool.......... My whole family does a lot of this during the summer.

Travel - The summer months are when my work is slower, so I can finally fit in vacation. I *LOVE* traveling!!

Other things I love about summer are the slower pace, Hurricane season (and its inevitable storms), movies, longer days, pineapple, fireworks, and three 3-day weekends, lol.

I guess I don't hate summer as much as I sometimes think ;)


Brittney, Breaking Free said...

Yes to 3 day weekends!!!!

Brandi said...

What a great list! Heading to a concert tonight. Nothing better than an outdoor concert. And I love Big Brother!!