Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blog Everyday: Now I Have Will Smith In My Head....

Playing catch-up, as I was out of town for the weekend and couldn't get my IPad to hook up to the wifi where I was.....


 July 19th: Switch Day - Today you get to switch places with anyone. How would your day go? What would you do? Would you want to switch back at the end of the day?

I think I would trade places with Taylor Swift. I mean, the girl has a pretty interesting life.

 I'd want it to be in one of the larger cities where they have two shows, two days in a row. Why? Because, on the 2nd day in the city, she and her dancers tend to sight see. Last year, when they were in Orlando for two days, she took everyone to Disney World.

Anyway, we'd see some city in style that I've never seen before and then we'd do the show. I'd really love to feel what it's like to be up on that stage and have everyone singing back to you. It has to be a really cool experience.


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