Thursday, July 3, 2014

Blog Everyday: Happy 4th of July!!!!


 July 4th: Independence Day - All things 'Murica

So, today is the 4th of July. The celebration of our nation's independence.

While there are a lot of patriotic, whimsical things to talk about, I am going to get a little serious.

Some stuff in my personal life, and most specifically last night, have occurred that make me REALLY understand and appreciate what our founding fathers did so many years ago.

Our country isn't perfect. It has many flaws. However, it is built upon a system that gives us the best chance in the WORLD to live our life as we see fit.

Think about that. Really, truly, think about it. We are not told what to think or what to believe or how to feel.  We are not forced to stay in a financial demographic or work certain jobs.

We have freedom.

And, when we take that freedom for granted, we have checks built into our system that gives us opportunities to make it better. We get the chance to turn things around. Even if we do the worst, we are given the chance to defend ourselves.....

Again, think about it. There  are so many places in this world where there are no chances, no defending.

So, today, while you are swimming or eating BBQ or watching fireworks, be so, so grateful that you can do these things. It was a hard battle that was fought and won to afford us those liberties.

Happy Independence Day, everyone.

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