Wednesday, June 22, 2011

48 hours = Saving Lives

While Heidi and her family were visiting, I had two of the most important days of my year..... St Jude Radiothon.

Part of me was really sad they were down here that particular week, because it makes for such crazy hours. I wouldn't have as much time for them.

At the same time, I was also kind of excited because they'd get to see what it is I'm so passionate about!

It worked out so that they were gone Thursday (February 24th) to the beach and spent the night, as well. Perfect, actually, because it allowed me to fully focus on the task at hand, instead of missing/worrying.

We were SUPER blessed with volunteers, this year. This was before 8am.

B and I........... I adore B. She is a coworker's wife and an awesome friend.

One of our local Police Depts came in to answer phones on Thursday. They were a welcome addition, this year.

FOOD!!! My intern did an amazing job of securing food donations, this year.

Lee Brice came in to help us out!! He had a show in the area and is a good friend of the station. He was gracious enough to stop by.

Telling our listeners just how important St Jude is......

Answering phones.......

Getting into trouble with the law, lol.

Lee and I

J and Lee

Mom and Lee (She was in both days, all day, to help)

By the end of the first day, we were a little behind last year. I was kind of stressing. My main goal for this year was to meet last year's total. With the economy, we've been steadily decreasing for the past few years. Things seemed to be turning around and I really wanted to break the cycle.

The morning crew ready to take on Day 2!

B is super cheery, in the mornings, lol.

D and I

M and I

Lt S and I............ He is from the Sheriff's Dept and brings his guys in EVERY year, on Friday. We *love* these guys.

Trev's gf Lauren stopped in to help.

M's first radiothon!

Ash and I...... Ash was our rep, this year. We LOVED her.

My intern Alexis. Adored her and still miss her presence in our office!

M and I...... she's one of our PTers and came in to volunteer.

Court was Ash's support staff. She was hysterical.

About midday, Heidi and the family came back from the beach. After spending a few minutes there, Mike took the kids back to the house and Heidi stayed to help.

Tired, tired, tired

At the end of the day, we raised $145,013. That was slightly ahead of last year..... SUCCESS!!!!

I already can't wait to take on next year!

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Lil' Woman said...

Great job girl!
Even if it was slightly, it still counts! :)