Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random Thoughts of a Procrastinator

"The Wedding" where I'm wearing "The Dress" is this Saturday. I've been trying really hard to eat well and exercise over the past few weeks.

And, I've been doing well.

Except now I'm PMSing BIG time.

And, all I want is the piece of Chocolate PB Cake sitting in the frig.

Even though I'm supposed to be saving up for the piece of wedding cake I'll be eating on Saturday.

Maybe it will be Publix wedding cake and I'll be too disgusted to eat it?


I ate Fried Pickles for lunch.

They were super good, but I'm having Points Guilt about it now.


I'm seriously entertaining the idea of signing up for EHarmony for the next three months.

Just to see what happens.

Even if nothing major happens, at least I tried.

And, I didn't spend the next two months until my 28th birthday NOT trying.


See this picture?

This picture says a lot of things.....

1) My bangs are too long, because I've gone 7 weeks since my last cut and these last few days before my appt are driving me to pull them back. A look I very rarily go for.

2) I need more sleep, based off of the circles under my eyes.

3) I'm definitely turning 28 in two months. The lines on my forehead when I raise my eyebrows (which need waxing) are deepening.


We just got word that my cousin's husband is currently in the hospital for some major chest pains. They can't figure out if it's his heart, lungs, or what.

Pray please!!


Gina said...


PaigeR530 said...

Praying for your cousin's husband!
I have a friend who joined eHarmony and met the man she will marry in November. I hear great things about it. :)

Melissa said...

EHarmony - yikes. I am only cringing b/c of my terribly awkward experience with a complete WEIRDO!! He was so ANNOYING omg. I met him on a different site, though. And you know... i have heard great things. I know a lady who found her soulmate on Match. I mean, i know them both well & they are truly great together & sooo in love!! My only advise is that if a guy seems like "the one" online, wait till you meet him to get all excited about him. B/c that ANNOYING guy? Totally "the one" until our date. LOL. I hope the best for you!!!!! And i hope you blog about your dates, that would be fun to read. :)

You look wonderful!

Praying for your cousin's husband!

Lil' Woman said...

I'll be praying for your cousins husband and I agree with Gina...Go EHARMONY GO!

Brittany Ann said...

Girlfriend, you are looking super skinny and hot! I am sooo impressed:)

Justine said...

Okay 1) I tired fried pickles for the first time before we left Florida, and HOLY SALT! I love me some salty stuff (esp when pregnant... ;) ) but OHMYGOSH! I couldn't even finish them they were SO SALTY!

and 2) GO EHARMONY!!!! I tell Jon all the time if I was still single I'd do catholic :) So I say go for it! :)