Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Memos to those in the workplace.........

Dear Right-Handed People,

I'm sorry that my left-handedness is an inconvenience to you. However, no, I will not work to "staple papers on the correct side of the paper for right handers" because it's "too hard to write on paper that has been stapled that way."

I'm left-handed and deal with papers stapled on the "wrong side for left-handers" all the time. In fact, I'm left-handed and deal with your right-handed crap all the time. So, I really don't feel for you in this situation.

And, I'm pretty sure there has to be some EEO standard against suggesting a left-handed person change the way do things because it's more convenient for right-handed people. If there's not, there might be by the time I get out of my irritable mood.


Lefty and Proud


Dear Technology Blind,

I understand that you aren't computer or internet savvy. I'm ok with that.

However, let me introduce you to a concept that will make everything more tolerable.

When an email has been sent to you and a bunch of other people, read the LAST email first. As in, do not automatically reply to the original email. Catch yourself up. Because, while you weren't looking, we've been having an entire discussion without you. And your email has just confused things.


Emails are organized in reverse sent order


Dear Fill-In Receptionist,

I'm really sorry that you are assigned the Front Desk when our receptionist is out. I know you don't like it.

However, that doesn't mean that you get to take it out on everyone else in the building. And, if someone comes in with a question, think and then answer it. Don't all call everyone you can think of (starting with me) to take care of the issue that a little common sense would have cured.


Hates Intercom Systems


Dear Jessica,

Take a vacation. You're starting to get really grumpy and we don't like it.


Your coworkers


Anonymous said...

I put snarky letters on my blog too but, sadly, I get the feeling that the people they're aimed at never read them.

Lil' Woman said...

Left handed people UNITE!!!!

Melissa said...

I did not know you were left handed. I am right handed & i know this is strange... but i LOVE left handers HAHAHA. I always say i have a thing for lefthanders! My hubby is left-handed, too. :)

That's weird that people complain about things done the "left-handed way", though! I've never heard of that! Maybe everyone at my work is right-handed?!? Haha.

Ooohhh...don't get me started on receptionists. We have one that is completely inept. And i used to have her job so i know how it is done! So she tries to give me calls that are not for me & i just want to slap her face off!

Ok. I'm done. Haha!