Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dual Graduations - Part One

June 6, 2011 was a day that was much anticipated in my house. It was the day that both Megan AND Trevor were graduating from high school.

From separate high schools, mind you.

Megan's was scheduled for 4:30pm in one location.

Trevor's was scheduled for 7:30pm in another location.

We won't even get into their separate Baccalaureates, separate Graduation parties, etc.

The plan was for Megan (the other Megan - Trev's other half sister) and Bryan to forgo Megan's graduation and go save seats for Trevor's. Everyone else would attend Megan's and then run over to Trevor's.

I brought all my stuff to work, as Megan's graduation was right across the street from the station. At about 3:30, I closed up shop and started getting ready.

My friend Billie Jo met me at the station and we walked across the street to the graduation.

Megan (second from the right) and her honor choir singing the Star Spangled Banner before the ceremony.

Entering the arena....

Probably the WEIRDEST speech ever given at a graduation. Their class president did her entire speech wearing Harry Potter glasses. I love me some HP, but she made very little sense.


Billie Jo and I entertaining ourselves while the rest of the 481 seniors graduate.

Grandfather H and I

At the end of the ceremony, the seniors in the choir sang "Don't Stop Believing" in Glee style. It was totally fun!!

Here's where the pictures end.

Towards the end of the ceremony, I looked at Jeff and asked, "Hey, where are we supposed to meet Megan after the ceremony?"


In all the craziness, my parents forgot to set a meeting place.

They let 481 graduates out to go find their 481 families.

We went around the arena, looking for Megan, and couldn't find her.

At this point, it was almost 6:45.

So, Billie Jo and I left to go grab seats at Trevor's graduation, while Mom and Jeff looked for her.

They never found her. Via text, they learned that she'd met up with friends and did her picture-taking with them. So, we planned on staging pictures with her at a later date.

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