Thursday, June 16, 2011

WW Edition of Frozen Meals

I *try* to eat healthy. Especially with doing Weight Watchers, the healthier choices "cost" less or nothing in points, so I try to keep that in mind when eating.

However, with my schedule, cooking three meals a day (or even one meal a day.... unless you count putting something in a toaster or making a sandwich "cooking") isn't feasible. I eat out a lot. I just do. Thanks to Katie, I found a website that allows me to make better decisions when eating out.

Then, there are the days that I have back-to-back meetings and no time for a real lunch (like today). After a few times of having to make urgent Mickey D's run a couple years ago, I started stocking up. I keep little snacks in my office....... nuts, 100-calorie popcorn, etc. I also keep some frozen meals in the freezer downstairs. Just for those emergencies.

I've always been a Healthy Choice girl, when it comes to frozen meals. Well, really, I prefer Marie Callender or California Pizza Kitchen or Stouffers. But, for "healthy" frozen meals, I go for the HC.

Then, I started WW. And, Smart Ones came into my life. For those of you who don't know, Smart Ones is endorsed by WW and has all the points directly on the box.

A couple months ago, Target and Wal-Mart were having competing sales on Smart Ones. So, I stocked up. It took me this long........ I do try to avoid eating them all the time........ but, I've almost gotten through my stash and feel equipped to do some reviews.

** Smart Ones is not paying me to do these reviews. However, if they'd like to.... or just give me some free SOs.... I wouldn't turn them down.

It wasn't bad. The veggies were well seasoned and cooked well in the microwave. The turkey was moist and the gravy was pretty good. The stuffing was a little too mushy for me, but I still would eat it again.

This was actually really tasty!! The enchiladas were on the miniscule side, but that's to be expected. The flavor was good and the sauce was yummy to mix the rice. The tortillas were a little on the soggy side, but not too bad. I'd get it again.

Another winner! I like the bowtie pasta and the sauce is yummy.

One of my absolute FAVORITES. I love this stuff!

I liked this one. A little heavy on the tomato sauce, for me, but overall I'd eat it again. There's a lot more cheese in the picture than in the actual dish, just be aware.

Not really a fan. It was fine for a change, but I probably won't get it again.

Again, not a huge fan. I was really excited about this one, too.

The turkey medallions were so small that they got a little dry in the microwave and the cranberry relish was a little too spicy for me.


I honestly feel like I'm cheating and eating "real" Italian food. I mean, it is really good!

This was pretty good, too. I liked it better than the ziti.... the sauce was the right amount of tomato, cream, and vodka, lol.

Pretty good. I had one of them for dinner with a Bud Light Lime and was pleasantly satisfied. It's pretty heavy on the spice and black beans, but did work brilliantly with the BLL.

Super yummy! CCCD is one of my favorite ice cream flavors, so it hits the spot!

Also, really tasty!! The PB ice cream was a really good consistency, imo.

I'm a huge fan of caramel, but I wasn't crazy about this. It's ok, but not my favorite. I think the caramel tastes a bit fake, if that makes any sense.

What are your thoughts? What "Smart One" meal am I missing out on?


Marianne said...

the teriyaki chicken one is good. I think that's the name? rice, veggies, etc. yummy. I love the pasta ones you mentioned & the lasagna is really good!! And their pizzas are good, too. And I've never had the desserts, but you better believe I'm going to try them now!

I know frozen dinners get a bad wrap, but I really feel like I'll have to stock up on these so I don't cave and order pizza on the nights I'm exhausted and too lazy to cook.

Krystal said...

I find that I like a lot of them.... and sometimes I bring my own seasonings! Like, hot sauce and or garlic salt! Just to make things a little more edible. :)