Tuesday, June 28, 2011

EH Tip #1

Keep the guys you're communicating with straight.

As in, don't be "E-H Mailing" and accidentally call them the wrong name. There is absolutely no situation where that is ok.

I honestly don't know how people date more than one person at a time.


erin. said...

Thats hysterical! I was on E-H for a while but then left. Never called anyone the wrong name but I could totally see how that could happen.

Marianne said...

LOL. I totally mixed up someone's background before and was all, "Oh where did you go to high school? My friend is from the same area." And he totally was all, "Someone's been reading a lot of profiles." HAHAHA. I love that he called me out. We did go on a date, but he was a total weirdo.

I'm so thrilled you're giving this a try, I really am hopeful you have a great experience with it!

Also, I totally owe you a phone call. I'm so sorry. But I'm sure you know I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. This weekend though, scouts honor, because I'll totally need a pep talk before class starts on Tuesday.

Sonya said...

Oh that would be scary! Good luck with it! Both of my SIL's met their now husbands through EH!

Gina said...

Too funny. I am sure you aren't the first. Any good catches yet?

Laura Darling said...

Oh gosh! Too funnY!