Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dual Graduations - Part Two

Going from one extreme to another, we went from a graduation with 481 students to a graduation with 79 students.

Trevor was graduating from my own Alma Mater and I was excited. As happy and proud of Megan as I was, this commencement ceremony promised to be more personal.

I'll be honest, it was so surreal to be sitting there, remembering my own graduation TEN YEARS ago. It made me sad and happy, all at the same time. Trev and I both made it 13 years at that school..... "Lifers" as we're called. If I'm still in my town when I have kids, that's where I'll send them.

Megan and I...... SO excited for our baby brother to graduate............ In case you are confused - I have two step-sisters named Megan, lol. The one in this picture is my deceased step-father Mike's daughter. We were raised together and are 11 months apart. My mom and Mike had Trevor when I was 9 and she was 8. The other Megan is Jeff's daughter. She and Trevor are 3 months apart.

Getting ready to get his diploma!!!!!!

Trevor's gf Lauren and I........... She was more nervous than any of us, lol.

Presenting the Class of 2011

HE DID IT!!!!!!!!

When we got out of the ceremony, we met up with Trevor. My mom told him how proud we were and how proud his dad would be. Well, the flood gates opened. He started bawling and so did the rest of us.

After an emotional moment, it was celebration time!

My brother and I...........

Get the hat in there!!!

Megan, Trevor, and Bryan

Cale and Trev

Mom and Trev

Not too big to give his Momma a kiss, lol.

Jeremiah (our cousin) and Trev

That's more like it.......

Mom, Trev, and Jeff - The proud parents

The family (minus Megan :( )

On his senior trip, Trevor got his ears pierced (something he's been threatening for years). My mom couldn't believe the school let him do it. He told her, "Mr. C said I just couldn't wear them to Baccalaureate or Commencement." Well, mom took that has Mr. C "letting" him pierce them.

My mom told Mr. C that she thought it was cool that he let Trevor and the few others do it.

His reaction.............

"He told you I LET him?!?! Liar!"

Trevor's quick response.......... "He didn't tell me I couldn't!!!!! He just told me where I couldn't wear them!!!"

Trev's best friend, Hailee....

Trevor and Billie Jo


Trevor and Paula

Izzy and Trevor

So proud...........

Paula and I

Jeremiah and I

Trev with his favorite lunch lady, lol.

Mrs. O............ She was MY 7th, 11th, and 12th grade English teacher (and the most demanding I've ever had, including college) and Trevor's 12th grade English teacher.

Mr. S - He became the High School Principal when I was going into the 9th grade and was also my 11th grade AP American History teacher. He's still the HS Principal.

Mom celebrating the fact that she made it 23 years putting her kids through the school.

Dr. and Mrs. S - Dr. S is the Headmaster of the school and has been since I was in 8th grade. Mrs. S is his wife and also a teacher. She was one of my biggest encouragers in High School (and still is when I see her). I went to school with their son for 13 years.

My Momma and I

After graduation and pictures, we went to dinner to celebrate the fact that we survived two graduations in one night, lol.


Lil' Woman said...

Congrats to Trevor!! :)
And very cute pictures, I love your dress!

Busy Momma said...

Gosh Jess! You have me wiping giant tears ! We are all SO proud of him!