Monday, June 27, 2011

Always A Bridesmaid

I am a bridesmaid. A lot.

Not quite up to 27 dresses, but I'm climbing.

Also, I've found that the more weddings I'm in, the better bridesmaid I become. Sorry to my friends that got me earlier on in my bridesmaid career.

This past weekend, I had the wonderful privilege of being in my friend Kristen's wedding. Our familes are very good church friends. A few years ago, we even went on vacation together.

I've been working for months for this wedding. As in, I had a pretty dress I was supposed to wear and I wanted to be able to breathe while wearing it.

Overall, I was successful!

Now, I'm planning on wearing the same dress for my 10-year reunion in August. I'd like to look even better in it, by then.


Getting prettified.....

Getting the bride ready..........

Kristen and Christy.... they were college roommates.

Kristen and I

Melissa and Christy

Megan the Flower Girl......... Megan is another church family friend (the youngest of our crew..... whereas I'm the oldest of the "kids"). She was A TRIP. She spent the whole ceremony blowing kisses at the Ring Bearer. She also declared that she was going to catch the bouquet so that she could marry Johnny.

My hair from the back. My friend and stylist ROCKS.

Melissa and I.......... She is also a college friend of Kristen's. We became buddies when the photographer was being a pain. WORST photographer ever when it came to manner..... we spent the whole day looking at each other and trying not to bust up.

Christy and I....... We'd met before during one of their Spring Breaks. Christy is the most adorable and loveable person you'll ever meet. An absolute DOLL.

Lauren and I.......... Lauren is Kristen's sister. She is obviously from here, but also goes to the same college in Chicago as her sister. I was the ONLY member of the bridal party that isn't currently living in Chicago, lol.

Louise and I........ Louise is the MOB

"Can I just get married already???"

Davette and I......... Davette is Megan (FG)'s mother and also sang at the wedding. Again, my parents are super good friends with her and her husband. I'm sort of the in between....... being friends with the adults and the kids, lol.

Mother and her two little girls....

I love this pic :)

My mom took this pic right after the ceremony.........

My mom and I at the reception....

Princess Jackie and I.......... I've known Jackie her whole life and have called her "Princess" forever. I can't believe she's 15 and taller than me. She and her siblings went to my mom's daycare, and her family is part of the church crew.

Lauren, Jackie, and I

JoeJoe and I...... Jackie's brother, so I've also known him his whole life. He's one of Trevor's very best friends in the world. I'm going to miss him when he goes up to Chicago for college (he's going to the same school as Kristen and Lauren).

Susan and I......... Joe and Jackie's mama. Susan and I are "we don't like football/basketball/baseball/sports, so we're going to a movie while all of ya'll watch the game" buddies.

Mom and Kristen

The happy couple.........

I wish I had a picture/video of several of us doing a rap for the wedding video. Kyle (the groom)'s older brother was the main brain behind it and several of us helped him fill in blanks and sang (rapped?) backup. It was a minor highlight of the day.

Christy playing with my camera, lol.

One more picture before I undo the hours of preparation..........


Melissa said...

I was also always the bridesmaid. You will at some point get to be the bride! I always thought i was in 7 weddings before my own, but i tried counting the other day & only came up with 6. So i either forgot someone or was mistaken. Didn't count the 2 i sang in. I will be in my sister's in November. Hopefully that's the last one. It's fun but can be expensive!

You look beautiful, love your hair & the dresses!

McKenzie said...

I know how that goes, but I haven't been in as many weddings. I do have four friends getting married this year though!

Fresh Garden said...

I totally understand.
Just remember this:
The best, sometimes, come last.

Newlywed Next Door said...

You look pretty! It's so good that you're a great bridemaid now. Many are not.