Monday, June 13, 2011

Memorial Weekend Cruise

Let's start my series of updates at Memorial Day Weekend, shall we?

After my passport fiasco, I had never been so ready to get on that big boat. Thursday (May 26th), I headed to the airport to pick up my dear friends Amy and Jinx. During college, we went on trips several times a year.... New Orleans, NYC, Las Vegas, LA, Boca Raton, etc. However, we haven't gotten together in FIVE years. Way too long. Amy and I have been able to get together a couple times since then, but it still had been a long time.

Originally, there were going to be five of us, but we ended up having the three of us go.

Anyway, we were SO excited to finally be together!

After a yummy dinner and a couple hours of catching up, we headed to bed..... or, they did..... I started packing.

Friday, the 27th, we loaded up the car and headed to Port Canaveral to board our ship. The first afternoon and evening was filled with more catching up. And, really good food.

I'd already decided on how I was going to approach the whole cruise thing. Gym and stairs. I went to the gym every day on the ship and took the stairs (not the elevator) everywhere I was going on the ship. In return, I wasn't going to worry about what I was eating. And, I didn't. In the end, we basically only ate two meals a day breakfast or lunch and then dinner. I always ate a lot at dinner, but by that point I was usually super hungry. Again, I didn't end up gaining, so I figured my system worked!

The first stop was Nassau, Bahamas. My friends wanted to do the beach..... I wanted to do Atlantis. So, we settled on a beach day at Atlantis. It was absolutely the prettiest beach I'd ever seen. Gorgeous.

My fair self loaded up on the SPF and applied often. I'm proud to say that I did NOT get burned. After several hours at the beach, we took a slow stroll back through the grounds. We didn't see all of the property, but what little we saw was amazing.

Hate to say it, but Florida beaches can't hold a candle to the beaches at Atlantis.....

Amy, Jinx, and I on the beach.

Walking the grounds.....


In front of Atlantis......... excuse the nasty "been at the beach all day" look.....

Jinx and I

Crystal Tower

After we got to the ship, we rested some and got ready for dinner. It was the Captain's Dinner. We looked so nice, but I don't have the pictures to prove it, lol. Jinx was our resident photographer, so I still have to get pics from her.

The next day was CoCo Cay (Royal Carribean's private island)......

On the tender, sailing to CoCo Cay......

We did the "Floating Mats." It wasn't as relaxing as it sounds. I spent the majority of the time rowing myself back into the water and avoiding seaweed.

After about an hour, we decided we were done. We went back up to the beach to dry off (and take pictures).....

Once we had enough of the seagulls, we headed back to the ship. Sidenote: If I were to ever go on RC again and we went to CoCo Cay, I 'd just stay on the ship. I honestly wasn't impressed by that island.

We hung out by the pool, got some more sun, ate some ice cream, and then decided to get ready for dinner. Our last night on the ship :(

When we got back to the room, this is what we found............

The next morning, we got off the ship and I (begrudgingly) took the girls back to the airport. It was such a nice weekend and we've already decided where we're going NEXT Memorial Day Weekend!

Little Reminders of My Trip (mainly just for me):

~ The guy in the lime green shorts and his friend with the hula girl tatoo.
~ Dancing girl and her poor husband
~ The rude girl at the Muster Drill who ended up sitting at our table at dinner.
~ Zombies on a cruise ship
~ Arsan and his inability to count towels.


PaigeR530 said...

I'm so jealous! This looks like such a fun trip!

Gina said...

Oh my gosh, what a fun trip!

Justine said...

So glad you made it and had so much fun!! I'm really jealous we never made it on a cruise while we were in Florida. It's SO cheap when you don't have to buy airfare!! :)