Thursday, May 23, 2013

Unschooled Learning (BEDIM 23)

 Day 23, Thursday: 
Things you've learned that school won't teach you
I'm going to slightly add to this. Yes, there is school-school that everyone attends (and some of my stuff probably can apply to just about any school upbringing), but I'm also going to note that I went to a private, Christian school and went to Sunday School at church. There is an important distinction, because as much as I L-O-V-E-D going to the school I did for 13 years and wouldn't trade it, there are also some things that I didn't learn there.
- Taxes. And, car payments. And, mortgages. And, interest. You know.... the basics of being an adult. We had ONE 18 week class when we were seniors that touched upon this stuff, but really, they could have better prepared us. I mean, I could do AP Calculus, but the thought of doing my taxes completely befuddled me.
- That there are gay people that you will absolutely love more than life itself. Again, Christian upbringing here. Yes, we were taught to love everyone, but we weren't truly prepared for the inner wrestle you feel when you meet someone and care about someone whose lifestyle doesn't match up with what you were raised to believe. We weren't taught that you eventually realize that it's not up to you to worry about..... you love and accept love and be happy that you have that person in your life.
- The greatness of summers. We really take those three months off, for granted. When you go from that (plus Christmas break and Spring break) to a mere two weeks off a year......... so sad.
- That sometimes it's more fun to act like a kid when you're an adult. Really, when you have responsibilities and stresses......... you appreciate so much more the rare times when you can be carefree and act silly.
- That history is a lot more fun than the textbooks teach you. I always hated reading those things, but now I love to visit places with rich history.
- That you can be completely against something, but not judge a person who chooses to do it. Like, abortion. I'm against it. I do wish it was illegal (though, I'm not naive enough to think that will ever happen, again). I really believe that I couldn't make the decision to abort. However, I know, am friends with, and truly love a few women who did make the decision to end their pregnancies. And? I 100% do not judge them for it. I get it. I understand where their mindset was. I also believe that it isn't my business to be "ok" with their decision. And, to be honest? As much as it goes against everything I believe to be true and right......... I cannot say that under certain circumstances, I would be in the frame of mind to keep a pregnancy that I did not want. I can say (and believe) that even in the case of rape, it's not the baby's fault. But, I honestly do not know where my mind would be if I were ever put in that situation. I *pray* that God would give me the strength to go through with it, but I do not know where I would be psychologically.  
- That there is no way to prepare yourself for death or the first time you're in the room when someone takes their last breath.
- That you'll be almost 30 and still feel like an immature kid.
-   That ice cream for dinner is sometimes the only thing that can save a bad day.
- That sometimes the best guys you'll meet are actually the ones you knew in high school. And, that it makes for a long road to try to find a guy that is worth it. 
- That just because you find a guy that is worth it..... just because you know with every fiber of your being that you would be good together.... doesn't mean you'll get him. Sometimes, it just doesn't happen.
- That many of those books you read your junior and senior year will become lifetime favorites.  

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LWLH said...

These are many of the reasons I love you. You have such a good heart Jess.