Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Letter to My Readers and Weekend Pics (BEDIM 27 and 28)

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend!!! Mine was relaxing and wonderful (as you will see in my pics below).
Also? I'm probably cheating by writing a letter and doing "only" pictures, but I've kind of cheated my way through this blog hop. Oh, well!

 Day 27, Monday: 
A letter to your readers
Lovely readers,
Years ago when I started this blog, I never thought anyone other than my friend Meg and cousin Heidi would read it. I certainly never imagined that I'd find some of the coolest friends ever through it!
Whether we've met, simply texted/emailed/chatted, or if I don't even know you read (ie, lurkers.... comment! They make my day!), I appreciate you. I appreciate your interest in my story.... I appreciate you listening to me cry, whine, and complain about stupid boys.... I appreciate your enthusiasm in my little adventures..... I appreciate that you relate to my randomness.
Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you will keep joining me! 
~ Jess 
 Day 28, Tuesday:  
Only pictures


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