Friday, May 31, 2013

A Vivid Memory (BEDIM 31)

So, this is the last day of the Blog Every Day in May Challenge. While I didn't adhere to EVERY day, I really enjoyed the topics and just writing. Thanks to Jenni for hosting this!

Day 31, Friday:  
A vivid memory

We were talking about this a few days ago. 

One of my earliest memories in life is weddings. See, my biological dad is a videographer. He mainly does weddings. When my parents were married and he was just starting out, my mom would either coordinate/plan the weddings or she would act as video assistant if the couple didn't need help with the festivities.

And, their young daughter? Well, she came along for the ride.

I remember sitting in the back of countless churches or venues, while my parents did their thing. Thankfully, I was a fairly docile child, so I was good at being quiet and unobtrusive.

Two weddings that I remember most............

A double wedding (two sisters) that included some top brass at Publix. The colors were Green and Gold. One set of attendants wore green with gold accents, while another set of attendants wore gold with green accents. I just remember seeing a sea of people at the front of the church, standing there in their Green and Gold glory.


A wedding that included a mini-vacation. They were married in Ft Lauderdale at a fancy hotel (also top brass at Publix). There are bits of the whole weekend that I remember....

I remember swimming at the pool and a sudden storm came on. Everyone was running for cover, but I went after my beach ball. I didn't get the ball, but I did fall down and scrape my knee.

I remember that I even got an invite to the reception. While, I'm sure I went to plenty of receptions, I oddly don't remember very many. THIS one, however, I remember they were not only ok with the wedding video guy bringing his 4 year old daughter, but they even acted happy about it. The bride (who I remember looked like a fairy princess) made sure to talk to me at least once throughout the night. 

I also remember forgetting my pillow and blanket. About halfway home, I realized it was gone and was inconsolable. My parents actually stopped, so they could call the hotel. The hotel did end up shipping my pillow and blanket back to me.

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