Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ohana with Reggi and the Crew

The same week of the Lady A concert and Susan's passing, some really great friends were in Orlando. Regina and her family are like a 2nd family to us. When the two families get together, it's absolute fun and craziness. We originally had plans to go to dinner with them, on Wednesday the 22nd, but that was when we heard about Susan. So, we postponed those plans.

On Thursday the 23rd, we were able to regroup and make it to Orlando. We had reservations on Weds for Ohana at Polynesian Resort. Taking a chance, we decided to go up there and just get on the list. Regina's family got there first and were told it was an hour and a half wait. However, before we even got there, Reggi called me to let me know they were being seated after only 30 mins! Take note: Despite Disney Dining's booked reservations, it's worth a shot to try!

Miss Lydia came with us! Super cute moment: When passing the open grill, she goes, "Hot! Hot! Whooooooooo (blowing it out), whooooooooooo!"

For those of you that have never been, Ohana is a family-style meal, with multiple courses. It's so delicious, but takes some time to get through. For the kids, they have this Hawaiian woman that walks around every 30 mins or so to do different activities. Lydia was hesitant the first time she came around.... she wanted my mom holding her hand. The second and third time? She would take off, leaving the adults in the dust!!

Joining in the action..........

Shaking it!

Ohana really is a great meal, with plenty of time to socialize. It was a great opportunity to catch up with our good friends. And, boy, were we able to eat!.............

First course.............. yummy bread and salad.

Second course........... chicken wings and pork wontons.

Third course.......... lo mein and veggies. The lo mein used to be scalloped potatoes. I miss those.

Fourth course......... meat. They bring out skewers, two at a time........ shrimp and chicken, then pork and steak. So yummy!!

Dessert...... Coconut bread pudding with bananas foster. Heaven on a plate.

Regina and I

Two families..............

Lydia loves her "Buhv"

Rochelle (Reggi's sister) and I

The Hawaiian lady came around the last time and sang the island version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." Lydia came running to me, "Dancing, dancing!!!" I obliged and danced around the restaurant with her :)

Lydia and her "Gecka"

Rochelle and her fiance, Terrence.... they are soooo sweet together.

Reggi and Trevor

My brother and I

Reggi and I have been friends for almost ten years........ when we first started these pictures, Trevor was a little squirt. Now, he's so grown up :(

Towards the end of the meal, the Halloween fireworks started at Magic Kingdom. They turn off the lights in the restaurant and pipe in the music, so you get to experience the fireworks. Not only did Lydie-lu love it, but so did our friends (some whom have never been to Disney before)!!!

After dinner, we took a ride around the monorail, so everyone could see things a little closer.

Loving the monorail ride. Oh, and Mickey didn't come with us. He was picked up along the way, lol.

It was a wonderful evening!! We ate so much, I literally could barely eat the next day. I was still full!

The next night, they came over to our house for dinner. We had so much fun, they spent the night. Some of them went yard-saling (not me) and apparently had way too much fun.

Sadly, it was time for them to back to Orlando, pack up, and go home to Alabama. We're hoping it will be sooner than another year, before we see them again.


Marianne said...

Lydia is WAY TOO PRECIOUS!!! Looks and sounds like a great time! Glad you could visit with your second family!

I have to laugh at all the non-Hawaiian things about this "Hawaiian" style restaurant. They got the decor down, but that's about it. Haha. Sorry, I'm weird about stuff like this. Like going to a "French" restaurant and finding only French Fries and French Toast on the menu hahahaha.

erin. said...

So much fun! I LOVE Ohana! Such fun times with great friends! I love the picture of you, Reggi, and your brother.

Sonya said...

Ohana's is so much fun! We did the breakfast there when I was working as a Disney CP. It was our goodbye before we head home celebration!