Friday, October 29, 2010

Nifty Fifty (and day 19)

See this pretty lady standing next to me?

She's my Mommy!

And, she's 50 today!!!!

When I was in about the 7th grade, I calculated that she would be 40 when I graduated from High School. That blew my mind for some reason. Then, I further calculated that when my brother graduated, she would be 50. My mind was blown even more, because I couldn't imagine my mom being 50 OR my brother being a HS Senior.

Well, folks, that day has come.

My brother is taller than me (ironically, I always worried that when I married in my early 20's - hahahahaha - my brother would be shorter than me when he walked me down the aisle). My brother is preparing to graduate high school. My mom is 50.


Happy 50th Birthday, Mom!!!!!


Day 19 - Something You Miss

I miss my cousins. Like, really badly. Especially when the holidays come up because when we were kids we spent so many holidays together. The last time they were all down here was during Halloween in the 9th grade and the last time I saw them was two years ago during late October.


McKenzie said...

Happy 50th to your mom!

Marianne said...

Happy birthday Jess' mom!!!!!!

I don't mean that she looks older, but I can't believe she's just now 50. That's SO YOUNG! My dad is going to be 64 in a couple weeks hahaha. And my mom is 56. Old foges.

The Southbay Newlyweds said...

congrats to your Mom!
btw-im hosting a giveaway..thought you might be interested!