Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vacation Day Five (and 1/2) - At Sea and Home

Thursday, September 2nd

Thursday was our day at sea! After breakfast, I hit up the gym (go me). Then, we did lunch.

After lunch, there was some walking around. Then, there was some reading. Then, there was some line dancing. Then, there was an ice cream break (btw, if you are ever on Carnival.... the soft-serve vanilla frozen yogurt is highly addicting.... I may or may not have eaten my weight in it). There was some more reading on various decks. And, some more walking around.

There was basically a ton of rest and relaxation. Which was awesome.

There was some Bingo. Bingo where I was one stinking number from winning $1000. ONE NUMBER.

We packed our 700 suitcases. THAT was interesting.

Before dinner, there was the show. We met up with our tablemates and new friends, Nancy and Pat. The show was pretty good. My favorite part was when the female dancers were randomly wearing thongs for two songs.................. and the 10 year old in front of us was beside himself at seeing a bunch of girls in thongs, lol.

We headed to dinner, where we were serendaded with  a sweet good-bye song..........

Our table with our head server......

After dinner, we went to the adult comedy show. It was dirty. Very dirty. It was also hysterical.

Another interesting part was when 4 young teenagers (probably 14-16) snuck into what was supposed to be 21 and up. You could tell that they got more than they bargained for during the show, lol.

Nancy, Pat, and myself

After the comedy show, we got some pizza and ice cream. We sat, we chatted, we enjoyed our last evening on the ship.......... then, we crashed.

Our last towel animal............ we can't decide if it's a snake or a swan..........

On Friday, September 3rd, we got a super early wake-up call from our friend Nancy. Sadly, we were back in Miami.................

We said good-bye to our stateroom and headed to breakfast until it was our turn to disembark.

We got our luggage, loaded up the car, and headed back to Central.

Honestly, it was one of the best vacations I've ever been on! Loved it and can't wait to back on another!


Anonymous said...

Your vacay looks SO AWESOME! I'm jealous. Maybe for Brent's 40th next year we'll do a fun trip to Mexico or something!

Lil' Woman said...

Glad you had fun...I'm gonna go with snake.

Marianne said...

A swan. A really ugly swan.

Glad you had an awesome trip! I'm still surprised you'd never been on a cruise with major ports of call being in Florida.