Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So in love......................

No, I'm not breaking my plan.

I'm just madly in love with this little princess............

Meet Hannah!!

I've mentioned several times on this blog that my best friend Meg was expecting her 2nd child. Well, Monday night, Hannah entered this world. I canNOT wait to meet her and love on her, as soon as Meg is up for the company.

Several months ago, before they even knew they were having a girl, I had a dream that Meg was having a little girl, that she would be born on 10/17, and that they would name her Sarah. It was so vivid.... I immediately told Meg about it. Since that dream, I have been on pins and needles, so excited for her to have the baby............ I felt some weird connection, lol.

Clearly, I was right about the little girl part. However, Meg and her husband don't reveal the name until the baby is born. She told me that I better not tell her the name. I did, however, tell her older sister and a couple friends  just in case she actually named her baby Sarah, so I'd have proof.

I was obviously wrong about the name and the date. Still, I was only a day off. And, I find it so interesting that the names are so closely linked to one another when talking about Biblical women. Because of their stories, Sarah and Hannah are very often paired in devotionals, etc. Meg's sister Mia told me today, "You weren't that far off, Jess." lol.

I love Hannah's name so much that I can't even be bummed that I was wrong, lol! It's so perfect.

Intentional or not, Meg gave me a hint a couple months ago. I was feeling down and did a post about it (Someday, MY Prince Will Come). Meg emailed me this beautiful little note about how God had been laying me on her heart the prior several days, about that exact issue. She also had just come across this article that morning and gave me the link......... http://www.wordlibrary.co.uk/article.php?id=161. Clearly, I'm not currently waiting for a child at this moment, but the story of Hannah's faithfulness is so relevant. I even forwarded that link to a couple of my bloggy friends.

I haven't been able to talk with Meg, so I'll be interested to find out if she came across the article because they'd chosen the name and she was looking for references. Or, if she came across the article and then they decided it was the name for their beautiful little girl.

Regardless, I will never be able to look at that gorgeous child without thinking about her namesake's story. Or, how her mom used that story to offer up amazing encouragement to me when I most needed it.

I'm so happy for Meg, her husband, and their little boy! And, I can't believe how much I just adore a little baby that I haven't even met, yet, lol.


Katie K. said...

Love this post! Babies are the best thing ever! I know that our time will come!

I also loved your friends post...you are so blessed!

Lil' Woman said...

Congrats to your friend, she is beautiful!!

Marianne said...

HI HANNAH! You so pwetty! And I love that wittle smirk you got goin' on. Go easy on your Momma, she's going to be worn out between you and your big brother!

Um, freaky that you were only off by one day. And how close Hannah and Sarah are. And that I had a dream a friend had a baby girl named Sarah a few years ago (she had a boy named Max. Although she is pregnant with a girl now... hmmm). What's her middle name?