Monday, August 16, 2010

Someday MY Prince will come........

Exhibit A

Friday night, I was at the Brad Paisley concert (post to come) and spent a few minutes texting back and forth with one of my friends/record reps. She is dating another record rep who happened to be there that night. I was teasing her about her not being there (none of her artists were on the tour) and she was texting back, "Have you seen my super hot boyfriend, yet?"

We were gushing about how much she loves him (after several frogs, she truly deserves to be treated like the princess she is........ this guy is wonderful to her), how much she misses him, and how much we both can't wait for ME to be that happy. "I can't wait until you're in this situation. It's the best feeling EVER."

Exhibit B

There is this guy at church that I've always sort of had my eye on. Our families are good friends and we have several mutual friends, but we've literally had like three conversations in the past 13 years.

He's cute. According to everyone that knows both of us, he's a great guy. A couple of not-so-smooth-matchmakers have tried to set us up. He's soooooo not interested, but that's ok. He doesn't have to be, lol. He's just intriguing to me..... like I said, I have my eye on him and it's fine to leave it at that.

Yesterday, he came in with a new girlfriend and was introducing her to several people. I've noticed that he has a trend for VERY TALL girls. This chick was close to 6 feet tall. His last girlfriend was pretty tall, too.

I'm guessing that my 5'7" isn't up to his standards, lol.

Anyway, I'm sure they are very happy. Whether or not they work out remains to be seen and really doesn't effect me, either way. I just thought it was interesting to sit back and watch, lol.

Exhibit C

This morning, one of my good friends and coworkers came back from a week-long cruise. We were all kind of speculating that she'd get engaged while she was gone, but weren't completely sure.

Then, she changes her FB relationship status from "In A Relationship" to "Engaged."

After giving her a bit of crap for making me find out on FB, instead of coming down the hall to tell me in person, I demanded to see the ring and hear all details. She is SO happy and too stinking cute with her ring on her finger (it's actually a little too big and needs to be resized, but she wanted to wear it to work today, lol).

I'm SO happy for her, too.


All these people are happy and in love, and I want to be, too, darnit!!!!

I want to hate being away from someone for 10 days and be jealous of the friend states away that gets to see him while I'm stuck working somewhere else.

I want to go to church and introduce my new someone to all my parents' friends, while they beam that I've found myself a winner.

I want to change my FB status and wear that pretty ring on my left hand.

I want to be able to tell all of you about him.

I know my turn will come. I know that God's timing is perfect. I know that there is someone out there for me that will exceed every expectation I have.

I just wish I had an idea of when, who, and where.

I also wish that I knew that I was doing everything God needed me to do in order to find the person He has planned for me. I pray about it and worry about it, sometimes.

The urge I have to be in a relationship has NEVER been this strong. I'm not ready to get married, right this minute, but I'm ready to find someone with whom I can start thinking about it.

And, a few years down the road, I want to have kids with that person. I like being carefree, but I'm also starting to feel the faintest pulls to be a mommy. Trust me, they are FAINT and I'm not ready for them to be any louder.

Someday, my prince will come............. until then, I'll just keep praying for him.


PaigeR530 said...

Hugs and prayers!

Sonya said...

I'm praying for you too!

Gina said...

It will happen and you'll understand why it happened when it did. I promise.

Katie Klohn said...

I could have written this post myself too! I know exactly how you feel! I keep getting all of these invites to weddings because my friends are starting to get married and it is so hard to RSVP back for just 1. I too know that our Prince Charmings are somewhere and they are praying for us too!

Melissa said...

Well, you know i totally understand!! I found my prince & i am SO happy, but i swear i wrote a LOT of similar posts to this one...almost verbatim, in fact! & it wasn't THAT long ago! (I still can't believe it, actually!)

In November 2007, i was probably writing my last post like this, because in December 2007 he came into my life. :) FINALLY!!! I was almost 29 then.

And it's true, once it finally happens, you love the timing, you see the point of it all. And don't worry about if you are doing all that you should be doing in order to find the person He has for you. Just living life. You won't miss out on him.

I can't wait till you do meet him!


erin. said...

I totally understand this post. I'm at the same point. I've even tried Eharmony & no luck. One day we'll be blogging about our love lives (hopefully soon). My prayers are definitely with you Jess!!


kjlangford said...

I second Gina. it's weird what you can understand with time. If I had started dating Jacob before I did, I'm pretty sure I would have been turned off (boy spent a year job-hopping after college, which is fine, but at that point I would have thought that was very irresponsible... color me judgmental). Also, I had a really terrible relationship before Jacob, which really showed me the things I could NOT have in a relationship and made me really appreciate Jacob as I got to know him.

anyway, it will happen, and it will be perfect.

Anonymous said...

It's all about timing. I had finally gotten to that place in my life where I finally felt totally satisfied by just ME (I was 26). I had my place, my degree, my car, my job, my friends, my family...I didn't need anything else to make me happy.

Brent was just getting to a good place in his life as well. He was over his divorce and was feeling really good about life.

And THAT is when we met :)

Lil' Woman said...

That perfect guy will come into your life when you least expect it and I ditto Gina in when he does you'll know why.

When I got with Big Man I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship and was not even looking to be with anyone...but so many weird things fell into place and look almost 4 years later and here we are, engaged and in love.

Your time will come girl and I will be praying for you that it will be soon! :)

Ashley Belle said...

I read often, but never comment!! I just wanted to say that it ALWAYS happens when you least expect it, and aren't looking for it!! Josh and I dated in highschool, and broke up with NO contact for two years. I was not even remotely looking for a relationship, but God had other plans for my life! Just sit back and enjoy the ride!! The adventure is all part of the fun! :0)

Brittany Ann said...

Oh, girl, I feel this same way about babies. I totally get it. And I'm just going to have to keep praying for my babies and your prince until we make ourselves believe that they will come!