Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taking Inventory..........

When I started this blog, I made a list of goals before I turned 26. Then, I forgot about it, lol.

Funny enough, I came across that post, right before my birthday, last year. I had a great time looking back at my accomplishments for 25. Then, I posted some new goals.

Keeping with that theme, I want to look back at the past year........

1) To keep losing weight.... specifically, at least 26 pounds. - Not just because I'm 26 and that was cute, but losing 26 lbs would put me at a very even number. A number I think I'd like. Not to stay there, but that would be closer to my actual goal weight.

- *Hides head in shame.* Not quite. Let's see, I lost 5 and then another 5. Then, came January and "the letter which was never answered" and I gained both 5's back. Then, I lost another 3 and now, I've lost 11 since the beginning of June. So, while I lost 24 lbs, I am still 12 lbs from my original goal for 26. YUCK.

2) To continue to try to live and appreciate life more - I want to stop and smell the roses, etc.

- I feel I've done that. I DEFINITELY appreciate the little things.

3) To start investing - I've got the amount in my savings that I've been working towards. Now, it's time to really start investing.

- Yes and no. I'm enrolled in my company's 401K program. However, due to some circumstances, I'm not to the private investing that I wanted to be doing by this point.

4) To work on moving out - Not necessarily by the time I'm 27, but I need to be getting close to it.

- Still working on it. I love my family, but do want to eventually be on my own and be a "real" adult.

5) Either be with or get over "The Guy"... basically, get some closure on the situation - The "will they/won't they"...."I like you, do you like me?" stuff needs to be on its way out. He's a close friend, but I can't go on like this for another year.

Like I said a year ago, his little announcement the day before my birthday (a year ago TODAY..... really hard to believe) sort of made it so that my 5th goal would be done pretty much immediately.

Then, he actually moved. And, we kept in contact. A lot. A whole bunch, in fact. Like, talking on the phone for an hour on Christmas Day.

And, my feelings only grew stronger. Whoops.

So, I wrote "The Letter."

And, I didn't hear back from him.

To this day, we have some communication (minor communication) about once or twice a month. At NO point do we mention the letter or feelings or anything resembling. But, we still circle each other and keep tabs on one another.

All that to say........ sadly, still working on it. I've come to realize (and am slowly starting to accept) that I'll probably never be fully "over" him. He'll probably always hold a special place in my heart. But, I'm getting there :)

Tomorrow, I turn 27 (still a little leery of that number)!! I have a new year of goals all ready to go!


Krystal said...

Happy early birthday! I hope you have a fantastic weekend planned!

Lil' Woman said...

Happy Early Birthday girl!!

I agree with you, I think you'll always have a small place in your heart for him always. You guys hada strong connection and those feelings don't dissipate easily.